Sacred Pattern: Balancing the Feminine & Masculine Nov 10-12

Balancing the Feminine & Masculine
within ourselves, within our world

It seems evident that deep respect and harmony between the masculine and feminine principles of existence is necessary for the well-being of individuals and society as a whole. We recognise that our spiritual heritages offer much guidance as to how we might authentically manifest these principles, yet we recognise that cultural and socially mandated “norms” concerning gender can often hinder genuine self-discovery and expression. We trust that human beings can be free to discover and determine for themselves how to manifest and express the Divine Feminine and Masculine, and that what might generally be described as masculine can be within the realm of the feminine and vice versa.

Rumi’s Circle began this conversation in 2016 by honouring the feminine aspect of the Divine. We were driven by a concern both for the degradation of the Divine Feminine and the imbalance we perceive between the masculine and the feminine in the wider world. We are now continuing the conversation by exploring the Divine patterning of existence and how to integrate and balance the feminine and masculine principles within ourselves and within our interactions with all of creation.

Join us to experience diverse spiritual practices that bring us to balance and wholeness, including work with prayer, meditation, sound, breath, and movement.

The weekend begins on Friday at 7:30pm and ends Sunday at 5pm.
Quaker Meeting House, Stramongate, Kendal LA9 4BH.
Registration is £140.

Please book your place here.

Speakers include:

Elizabeth Anne Hin
Kabir Helminski
Rahima McCullough
Mahmoud Mostafa

Sacred Movement workshops by Jan Sandman and Naseem Khakoo.



The retreat is non-residential but if you would like to stay with other friends who are attending, Aisha Niaz is coordinating Airbnb accommodation. If you are interested please contact her directly:



We welcome applications from artists and writers to attend the gathering and create a piece of work inspired by the weekend.

The criteria is simply to have an interest in the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

We would offer free weekend entry to the gathering.

To apply, please send a written submission, 750 words max evidencing the criteria and why you wish to be considered. Also submit one piece of completed work which demonstrates your interest in our criteria (PDF or JPEG).

Please email your submission to no later than Friday 13th October to be considered. Selected candidates will be contacted by Oct 20th.

We look forward to supporting and fostering work that highlights our vision.


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Main image by Irina Naji.