Faith Viewpoint 22 August 2019

Perhaps the most precious aspect of coming together with the Inter-faith network locally and nationally is simply ‘sharing faith’. In the New Testament we read of the ‘faith that can remove mountains’. We know that the ‘mountains’ take different forms such as hatred, fear, prejudice etc. Reading further we find that ‘if we have faith so that we can remove mountains and have not love, our faith is nothing’. Love gives to our faith added strength and endurance in times of trouble.

In Bible times life was often bleak. Doing much good did not exempt men like David and even Jesus from being pursued by those who wanted to destroy them and what they stood for. Saul king of Israel was very jealous of David and organised his army to find and kill him. David knew he was in danger from Saul but using wisdom and prayer to God for guidance, he evaded capture. Then one night he discovered Saul and his army sleeping in a concealed part of the desert of Ziph. As he slept Saul’s spear was beside him. David came to him and without waking any of Saul’s men, took the spear. He could have run him through; instead he just took it away to a hill nearby and spoke to Saul from there. The king immediately forgave him. David had taught Saul a lesson in love without doing him harm.

A prayer I love to say is by the founder of Christian Science Mary Baker Eddy:

My prayer some daily good to do…..An offering pure of Love…

~ Elizabeth Falkingham, Christian Science Church, Kendal