image Buddhist New Year Home Celebration Thu 7 May

Vesak 2020 Timetable for  Home  Celebration 7th May 2020

BGKT public Vesak cancelled.

We will celebrate at home. Everyone is welcome to participate.


19.00-19.05 Five minutes silence

19.05-19.25 Chant the BGKT Puja Sheet and Metta Sutta in Pali and read in English – offer flowers candles and incense at the appropriate times

19.25-19.55 Meditation on Loving-kindness Metta (30 mins)

19.55-20.25 Dhamma Talk or Dhamma Study (30 mins) Topic the significance of Vesak

20.25-20.55 Sitting Meditation Anapanasati (30 mins)

20.55-21.00 Chant in Pali and English “May all beings be well and happy. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu”

Chanting of the Mangalas [Blessings] by those who have taken Eight Precepts (Eight Uposatha Precepts or Ajivatthamaka Sila) and are wearing sashes presented by their senior Bhikkhu Preceptor and white cream or beige clothes


Wheel 54 The Mirror of the Dhamma: A Manual of Buddhist Chanting and Devotional Texts, by Nārada Thera and Bhikkhu Kassapa

Wheel 178 Significance of Vesak, by K.N. Jayatilleke

Wheel 206-207 Lay Buddhist Practice: The Shrine Room, Uposatha Day, and Rains Residence, by Bhikkhu Khantipālo

Wheel 402-404 Buddhist Ceremonies and Rituals of Sri Lanka by A. G. S. Kariyawasam

The Buddha and His Message: Past Present Future: United Nations Vesak Day Lecture by Ven Bhikkhu Bodhi, BPS, Buddhist Publication Society, Kandy, Sri Lanka, Second edition 2010 (BP 108S) (ISBN 978-955-24-0346-0)

Buddhist Studies: Life of the Buddha, Buddhanet

Significance of the Full Moons in Buddhism, by Alec Robertson, BCC Buddhist Cultural Centre, Sri Lanka, (3rd edition) 1998. ISBN 955-8129-04-6