A Grand Supper

On Saturday 19th January the Muslim Community in Kendal invited everyone to supper in the Schoolroom at the Chapel. It was a splendid feast, with cuisine from the Middle East, from India and Pakistan, from the Philippines and even shrimps from the Solway. There was a wonderful array of succulent savoury dishes with samosas, rice, chicken, vegetables and salads, followed by delicious desserts and cakes of many kinds. People came from near and far, not only from the Muslim and Chapel communities, but people who had not previously known that we existed. We sat and ate and chatted and made new friends and all agreed that it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

The Muslim Community hold Friday Prayers in the Schoolroom every week. Hassan Burrows, who leads them, has done a lot of practical things for the Chapel. I am sure that I speak for everyone who came last night in thanking him for arranging this event, and especially in thanking his wife for organising everything with her accustomed quiet and unobtrusive efficiency, and for spending many hours preparing food. I should also like to thank all those other people who planned and made such tasty dishes and so laid before us a really splendid repast. Events like this are important for they help to bring people together. It was good to see so many people and to witness how people from different backgrounds and heritages mix easily and happily when given the opportunity. It gives me hope that one day the world may yet find peace and understand that we really are all of one creation. Thank you!

~ John Campbell