Faith Viewpoint 27 January 2019

MY FAITH is based in Nature. Very early in life I absorbed Christian teachings and philosophy, and they have remained with me. But now I also think that concepts of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are sometimes culturally imposed and can change according to where we live or even whatever is ‘politically correct’. Humans have the capacity to choose their lines of action; we choose whether to make this world of Nature a better or a worse place. But whatever we choose, Nature will survive, even though the human race may not. Our lives are part of Nature; part of its cycles of life and death, light and dark, harmony and strife, and are interconnected with the whole of the rest of creation.

Nature enables me to make some sort of logical sense of life on this planet. My God is the energy or the power of Nature; a power which is vast and unimaginable, but which also manifests as tiny and almost equally unimaginable, both at the same time. My current thinking is that Nature is good in that it creates, destroys to recreate, and is infinitely flexible, adaptable and indestructible. In human terms she is also ruthless and cruel. Natural disasters – storms, volcanic eruptions, drought and floods – kill life of all forms, while in animal life creature eats creature right down the food chain. Nature is not ‘nice’.

But it is Nature which stirs me emotionally and demands my respect, awe – and worship. I celebrate life and respect all creation as great manifestations of Nature.

~ Jo Rogers, Unitarian Earth Spirit Network