Eid Party Sat 8 Jun

Saturday 8th June, 7 to 9 pm
Kendal Unitarian Chapel, Branthwaite Brow, Kendal LA9 4TN
All welcome

The occasion of Eid ul Fitr is a celebration to mark the end of the period of fasting during the month of Ramadhan, by which is the aspiration to have completed the Ramadhan successfully, and benefitted from it.

These benefits come in the form of a Spiritual Development which helps to cement the understanding of the relationship between the individual and their Creator Allah. You have done this fasting solely for the sake of Allah, and Him only. No other entity or person.

In the process, the individual learns to exercise self-control and moderate their usual activities within a permitted compass.
For example, when we are hungry  or thirsty we may seek to immediately satisfy that need, but by constraining our desires in that respect we come to have an understanding of how those who are not as fortunate as ourselves feel, and to recognise their plight in circumstances beyond their control.
In this we are encouraged to remember them and seek to give assistance out of the good things which Allah has granted us.

The Eid is a time of celebration to be shared by all in the community, and here in Kendal we seek to accomplish this by extending our invitation to others to join us in partaking of our Eid meal, and demonstrate how effectively communities of different faiths can work together for the strengthening of bonds to the benefit of all.

~ Hassan Burrows